Antiparos- the charming Cycladic island

Antiparos is located at the heart of the Cyclades, southwest of Paros and is less than a mile from it. The island is well known for its beautiful sandy beaches and the seas with their crystal clear waters, the charming main town (Chora), the traditional white-washed cycladic houses, its quaint pedestrian streets and the wild unspoiled nature.

One of the smallest islands of the Cyclades (35 sq. km) , makes up for its combination of calmness and serenity that exudes the unique beauty of nature, and parallel its vibrant main-town which is full of people in the summertime and surrounded by dozens of cafes, restaurants, bars, touristic shops.

Exploring the island the visitor beyond its charming beaches is attracted by the dozens of small churches that dominate everywhere, windmills, alleys and paths, the archaeological beauty of the remains of the ancient cycladic civilization, the medieval castle, the famous cave with the oldest stalagmite in Europe.

Then, in summertime the visitor has the choice among a wide range of activities, including diving, kiteboarding, windsurfing, local trips by boat tο secludes beaches (among these, the most famous route with a boat that leads to Despotiko a small islet next to Antiparos that was a sanctuary of Apollo and Artemis during the ancient times.)

Antiparos offers and combines something unique for its small size: a thriving main town with upscale shopping and dining and nightlife and at the same time a peaceful countryside – all easily reached by regular ferry service from Parikia in just 30 minutes or from Pounda in just 5 minutes.